A Dark Individual Project


Writing is a way of knowing, a method of inquiry (Richardson, 2000). Consequently, writing personal stories can be therapeutic for authors as we write to make sense of ourselves and our experiences (KIESINGER, 2002; POULOS, 2008) – Ellis et al, 2011, ‘AutoEthnography: An Overview’

When asked to start thinking about a research topic for the individual project assessment, the first thing that popped into my head was a travel, I can’t shake the nostalgic feeling for the excitement felt when discovering the new and unfamiliar when visiting someplace new. It doesn’t come as a surprise that my initial thought was travel, my parents have helped instil within me a strong value for taking any opportunity to explore and venture out into the world. Many of my precious moments are of the travels I have been on with my family, I feel lucky enough to have travelled all over Australia and abroad…

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