The narrated experience: An overview

Natasha West

In this weeks blog post I will be analysing my narrated experience detailed in my last blog post (which can be read here) about my independent research project and relating this to Ellis et al (2011) reading using autoethnography methodology.

For my research project I decided on the concept of Indonesia cuisine, however, I wanted to focus specifically on Indonesian breakfast foods. When you think about Indonesian food a lot of people would be able to name a few dishes and have a general idea of what their food entails, but when you think about Indonesian breakfast you’re a bit stumped on ideas aren’t you? This sparked an epiphany.

Over the past few weeks and research, I have conducted surrounding my project I have used the methodology of autoethnography. Autoethnography explained by Ellis, Adams, and Bochner (2011) is

a method of research that allows one to systematically…

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