Get Ready, Get Set, Get Spooked: An Auto-Ethnographic Dive into Japanese Horror Films.


When it comes to Asian culture, I’m pretty well versed in some areas. I’ve grown up being exposed to Japanese media culture, through games and television shows, as well as food that my Asian friends have introduced me to. For the most part, these interests have continued on to the present day. Thus, I was struggling to think of an aspect of Asian culture that I’m interested in, yet haven’t explored.

Enter, Japanese horror films.

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Why have I chosen this topic?

While I have watched a few horror films in my life, they weren’t exactly the most pleasant experience. My mother is a horror film buff and she’s always casually watching them at home while doing household chores. That trait hasn’t exactly transferred to me. Watching a scary movie always results in sleepless nights, consisting of constantly glancing over at the end of my bed and never leaving…

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  1. Hi Misha,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post about your independent research project. I must admit that even the thought of watching a horror film makes me cringe, so I respect your intention to delve into the world of Japanese Horror!

    To be honest, the concept of J-Horror is something I didn’t really know existed. I think that comes from my own background and complete disinterest in the horror genre in general. Your experience seems somewhat similar, as you discussed how you also get extremely scared of horror films. As Ellis et al (2011) point out, your research should recognise the innumerable ways that your own personal experience influences the research project. It will be interesting to see how this applies to your understanding of J-Horror, and enabling you to be self-reflexive in a topic that is out of your comfort zone.


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