Digital Asia: building upon my DA idea

Jack Polglase

It’s been a week or two since my last post regarding my idea for the Digital Artifact, and I think I’m still happy with my idea. The response has been positively received as well, with twocomments showing support and how I can further my idea along with a source that I can definitely use in the future!

Have I been watching TV over the past few weeks? Have I been watching a lot of it? Has it included anime? Has it included western animation? The easy answer is a definite YAAAAwhile mulling over what we have learned throughout the semester as a constant self-reflexing audit of my thoughts, beliefs and presumptions of Asian (or Asian-derivative) media.

I’ve been doing so through my own DVD/Blu-Ray physical media (I am a bit of a collector), streaming services, and whatever happens to be on TV at…

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