My Analysed Lolita Experience Through Autoethnography

virginia hodgkinson

This blog post will basically be me analysing my previous blog post here about my first interaction with lolita fashion. You can read it here! At first glance, lolita fashion could be considered just another weird but wonderful Japanese clothing trend that has started to become popular in other parts of the world. This was also my preconceived belief on what lolita fashion was. However, through more research, I came to discover that lolita fashion holds a lot more meaning than just another fashion style, as it can be seen as a representation for societal issues such as the resistance to the uniform Japanese culture and the way in which the female body is often sexualised.

26320 Japanese Lolitas (X)

Lolita fashion originated from a style of fashion called ‘doll fashion’ which peaked in the late 1980s and that Lolita serves as a way in which one can

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