Curry Kitchen… an autoethnographic update!

Emily Bowen


I have been on my curry making endeavour for about 3 weeks now, throughout this time I have made from scratch Butter Chicken, Sri Lankan Salmon Curry and a Moroccan Lamb Meatball Curry and all of them have been yum!

It has been great getting to cook a family meal from scratch every week but it has been eye opening (or closing considering the amount of onions used in these dishes). Because of the fact that I have only ever eaten Westernised curries before this experience, I was under the impression that each curry would come out a vibrant and smooth texture. Little did I know that most curry sauces we are served in restaurants or out of a jar have been pulsated in a blender to within an inch of their lives before meat is added and the dish is served. To keep up with our daily intake of…

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  1. Hi Emily, I’m a big fan of curry so reading about your independent project makes me hungry! Drawing on Ellis et al (2011) reading, you are clearly demonstrating the process of studying common values, beliefs and shared experiences of Asian cultures in order to help insiders (cultural members) and outsiders (cultural strangers) for an improved understanding of another culture. You have already made a few curries as well as researched the history of curries, this shows you are a participant observer.

    Ellis et al (2011) highlight that epiphanies are a result of a personal experience that demonstrates aspects of another cultural involvement. I found it interesting that you mentioned eating ‘westernized’ curries which are not the same as traditional curries and to keep up with your daily intake of vegetables you added some to your curries! It shows the personal experience has a familiar characteristic of another culture.

    Delving into Asian cultures allows us to understand the morals and principles each culture holds and possibly leading to a reflexive ethnography. Do you think you will cook the Moroccan Lamb curry often or use any specific ingredients from the recipe again?


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