Auto-Ethnographic Study: ‘Terrace House’ EP 1

Following on from last weeks’ blog post, this post will be directed at my cultural framework and how this impacts my investigation and the outcome of it. My first two blog posts looked at my current cultural framework with relation to the analysis of the two texts, Goijra (1954) and Akira (1988). I discuss how my cultural framework altered during this experience. Evidently, l was able to recognise the true power of using Live Tweeting as a tool for auto-ethnographic studies. This tool will be used in the final auto-ethnographic study of Japanese reality TV.

My Auto-Ethnographic Experience: Episode 1

I believe that every media text we encounter, is framed by our personal experiences. This was evident in last weeks’ blog post, where l examined my first encounter with the Japanese reality TV show, ‘Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City’. Immediately l formed a connection…

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