BCM320 A review on My Narrated experience


So let’s talk about my previous post, regarding my experience watching Korean dramas.

Early in this video we can see how I point out my bias against the idea of even participating in watching a Korean drama, this is because I felt that it wouldn’t be something that I would enjoy watching. In regards to this I’d like to briefly reference Christiane Kraft Alsops autoethnographic work in regards to the idea of home and away in the German language. I found her analysis very interesting in regards to her questions of the meaning of what is defined as ‘home’ and what is ‘away’ or ‘foreign.’ By exploring these ideas, it made me consider that even when self-reflecting on my position and history in regards to Korean dramas I’ve never once considered why I consider the idea of watching Korean dramas foreign to me culturally. After all, I wouldn’t define k-pop…

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