Auto-ethnographic Study: Japanese Reality TV

Six men and women…all under the same roof…living together = Japanese reality TV.Terrace House is a Japanese reality show where six strangers move in with one another. My independent digital Asia Auto-ethnographic experience will involve my reaction to watching the Netflix series, ‘Terrace House’.  

My Auto–ethnographic Journey

 Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 1.50.44 pm.png

Why l chose this topic?

Asian reality TV shows are quite foreign to me, therefore, the reason as to why l chose this topic for my independent research project. I hate to admit it, but l am a fan of Australian reality TV. A regular watcher of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Block’, and past watcher of ‘Big Brother’ and singing contest shows such as, ‘The X Factor’, thousands of hours have been spent watching this genre. When it comes to Asian reality TV, however, l am quite oblivious to it, l only really know of the crazy Japanese gameshows. As

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