Throughout primary school my lunch was very consistent. Inside my plastic lunch box, I had a wholemeal sandwich with ham and cheese, an orange cut up and wrapped in foil and a Le Snack. When I got to high school I ditched the plastic lunch box and a roam

Image result for le snacLe Snack, An Australian Primary School Favourite

bread roll floated around in my bag for lunch, with a muesli bar for recess. At university, I usually don’t even bring lunch, mostly opting to buy something from one of the many food outlets available on campus.

I remember brushing on Japanese lunches when we learnt about the schooling system in Japanese class in high school. Two things stood out to me: Japanese students often had to stay back after school to help clean the school, and that they had massive, tasty looking, creative, gourmet lunches- Bento. As someone who…

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  1. Hi Brianna!

    I remember the first time I saw a bento box was in the Disney Channel segment, Pass the Plate. There was actually a segment on bento boxes! Regarding your search for a bento box, there is a Australian website called HelloGreen that specialises in selling eco-friendly bento boxes! My sister recently bought one from there and it includes pictures that dictate portion sizes and what food groups to include. Here’s a link if you would like to check it out:

    I’m so excited to follow your bento lunch journey and I’m interested to see how the lunches turn out!

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