The world of J-Beauty and K-Beauty

Abby Poposki

YouTube is something I use more often than Netflix. I find myself utilising for everything and anything, whether its for entertainment value or for a learning tutorial. The content created on YouTube is unique and there is an abundance of content, so much that I find myself falling down a YouTube rabbit hole on a daily basis.

I enjoy the content created on the website such as Shane Dawson‘s docuseries or beauty makeup tutorials. One YouTuber in particular, Safiya Nygaard did a YouTube series where she explored the culture of Japan. She investigated three distinct fashion trends in Tokyo and makeup. Moreover, South Korea is renowned for some of the best beauty products and techniques in the world. There are endless videos on YouTube of individuals recreating Japanese makeup looks and reviewing Korean beauty products and I become more intrigued with every video that I watch.

I’m someone who…

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