Fake It Til You Make It – The Fake Designer Goods Market in Asia (Individual DA)

Headfirst into UOW

Come, come, Miss. I show you, I show you.

Throwback to my first trip to Thailand in 2012 when my bag broke whilst I was walking down the street. Suddenly, a Nepalese man emerged from the shadows – and by “shadows” I mean one of the many open store fronts,  but just let me be dramatic for a second – and was ushering me down a weird back alley out of the public eye. I think I definitely would have refused to follow him if my dad wasn’t accompanying me and reassured me that it was all fine. Seemed dodgy, but okay…

We walked through rubbish-lined concrete paths as the overpowering stench of durian on steroids lingered in the air. The man led us through a few hidden doors and then pulled out a huge set of keys in front of a final locked door. He opened it…

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