Research Project: Lolita Fashion

virginia hodgkinson

Ever since one of my childhood best-friends parents travelled to China, Japan and South Korea during primary school and told us about the trip, I have always loved learning literally anything about these three countries. Although, there is one thing from Japan which I do not think I know anything about, and what I thought I knew turned out to be wrong in some way. What I’m talking about is Lolita fashion. Sure, I’ve seen anime characters wearing Lolita fashion and a few pictures here and there on social media but I have never known any historical meaning behind the fashion style. For this research project I want to discover the origins of  lolita fashion and what the fashion style looks like today. Additionally, it would be interesting to discover what lolita means to the people that wears it.

Lolita fashion began through influence from traditional victorian style dolls and…

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  1. After reading your blog post I became very fascinated with Lolita fashion. I have never heard of Lolita fashion before, however, the colours, designs, and patterns remind me somewhat of Harajuku fashion.

    I also rarely get dressed up and I only usually would if it was a costume party so I understand where you’re coming from! It is interesting and I really admire how some people dress up in a complete Lolita outfit everyday. I feel as though it is a form of art, a way of expressing oneself. I did some researching myself and stumbled across a blog ( and discovered there is a film called Kamikaze Girls, which is about two girls, one of which wears Lolita fashion, she explains how Lolita fashion has connected her the romance, decadent and aristocratic parts of the Rococo era. This might be interesting to look at in gaining more of an understanding of Lolita culture through a different media.

    I think its great that you will be recreating a Lolita outfit with your own twist on it and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product, especially seeing the process it took to make it in your vlog!


  2. Hi Virginia, loved this post! I have never heard of Lolita fashion before so it was interesting to learn how big of a movement it is whilst reading your blog post. I like your research idea of looking at the symbolism behind it. You mentioned that ‘the fashion style…resists sexualising the female body’ and I think it would be interesting to compare this idea to how Vladmir Nabakov characterised ‘Lolita’ in his 1955 book of the same name – his idea was completely opposite. Here is a little article for your viewing:

    I’m very excited to come along on your journey through making your very own Lolita fashion inspired dress, I can’t wait to see the final result!

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  3. Hi, Virginia

    I am very fascinated by your interest in the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean culture, although you have not identified with any of the three cultures. Much like Ellis (2011) establishes in his study, your blog draws on remembered moments from your childhood, your friends parents trip around Asia. This trip has perceived to have significantly influenced your decision to focus on Lolita fashion.

    I think it is quite an interesting topic to focus on, as I myself have been exposed to Lolita fashion, however just like yourself, have not looked into it in depth. I personally also did not know that people wear Lolita fashion in the everyday world. I find it quite interesting that it’s present to not sexualise the female body.

    I myself adore fashion, and can relate to you. Where you have mentioned dancing costumes, this reminded me of my personal experience with cultural dance costumes. It made me think how different cultures must all have different costumes. I conducted some further research and discovered this interesting site; you might want to explore yourself, introducing different costumes.

    As Ellis (2011) establishes in his study, when writing an autobiography, an author should refer to their past experiences. Throughout your blog you have successfully drawn your research idea to your past experience of dancing. I like that you have incorporated your personal interest, dancing and your fascination to understand Asian cultural experience of Lolita fashion. I look forward to seeing your creation of the dress; I think this is an excellent and fascinating choice.

    – Dejana


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