T-pop: my story so far

Kelsey O'Brien BCM320 Digital Asia

Anxiety-circleI don’t want to do this!

I don’t like anywhere except Japan and Korea!

But I’m not allowed to do them, and I’m probably gonna hate anything I do do, so…

And then I’ll get bad marks and fail and I won’t get the credit points I need and won’t even be able to graduate! Oh God, I don’t want to do this; what am I gonna do!?

On beginning to try to decide on a digital artefact, I, quite simply, tumbled into a dark hole of panicked anxiety. So much has happened over the past six months that I can’t handle any more unknowns, even when they’re as benign as researching an Asian nation that I can’t introduce myself in (私はケルシーです… 자는 켈시입니다). However, as well as being an anxious wreck, I am also a good student, and the course requirements asked me to pick something I was…

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