Speculative Science! Autoethnography and China’s Stock Market

homebrew drafts.

Since March, I’ve started investing in shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). I figure that it offers me just as much (if not more) stability and better returns than my pitiful amount of superannuation, plus I can research exactly where my money is going. Sure, it’s risky, but my research and luck have served me well thus far. However, I’d never given any thought to international investing of any kind, let alone going all-in on the idea of share trading as outright gambling until two incidents in the last month or so really got my attention.

The first was that a friend of my dad’s from overseas tipping me off to a decent share he wanted to buy, but was unable to due to Australian restrictions on international investors. There’s a surprisingly robust system in place to approve overseas investors in Australia, but it had never occurred to…

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