Keeping in ‘Toon’ with Digital Asia.

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Over the past five weeks we have been exploring the topic of Digital Asia, and while I say this lightly, it is not a simple task. Digital Asia is a comprehensive term referring to the vast array of media goodness which has originated and spread out of Asian countries and Asian culture. As I am relatively new to the Asian media scope, I have experienced a multitude of epiphanies, feeling like ‘is there anything I do know about Asia!?’

So let’s start from the beginning, Asia refers to the eastern part of the Eurasian sub-continent with Europe making up the western (National Geographic, 2018). The geographical continent Asia was created by the ancient Greeks and the term ‘Asians’ was created by Europeans in an attempt to seperate from the basis of identity and cultural differences, the term went on to be propagated by European geographers, politicians, and writers throughout…

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