Japanese vs. American Horror Movies


I have very long and complicated love hate relationship with horror films.

I feel like they’re fun to watch but at same time I never seem to be able to get through watching the whole film. I still remember my four friends and I as the only ones in the whole cinema as we watched paranormal activity, which is to this date one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, I love thriller movies that other people find scary, even if they’re overly disturbing and gory. I think this is because it is the theme of the paranormal movies like the conjuring that I find scary to watch.

Comparatively, everything I’ve seen about Japanese horror movies seems to be not that scary. Even if it is paranormal based, the ‘scary scenes’ seems to be somewhat sadistically comedic and jovial. I’m unsure as to if this is…

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  1. Hi Nick,

    As a passionate lover of horror movies, I am pleased that you are covering Japanese horror as it has brought us the original versions of many Americanised horror characters and films. I have two things to mention; firstly, as your title states “Japanese vs. American Horror movies”, I think it would be an interesting idea to focus on the original Japanese horror films, such as The Grudge, The Ring or The Eye and see what makes Japanese horror unique. Secondly, as the idea for autoethnography is to create a personal experience with the culture, I don’t think ultimately comparing American horror films with Japanese ones will make your experience personal, as you are merely comparing and not “experiencing”, so maybe if you focus more on the original films and less on the Americanised versions your autoethnography will become more personal. I wish you luck!


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