“Enter the Dragon” – An Initial Response to Martial Arts Films

Media, Stories and Thoughts

For my autoethnographic digital artifact, I’m intending my field site to be martial arts films. Specifically, martial arts films which have had Chinese or Hong Kongese studios involved in their production. I’ve never seen a Chinese or Hong Kongese films, nor have I ever seen a proper martial arts films so I’m hoping this will be an interesting experience that will offer insight into the international popularity of the genre.

What Movie to Watch?

The logical first step, was to choose which films to watch. For this I just entered “best martial arts movies” into my web browser and collated the results from various websites. Frankly I was surprised by how many of the listed movies had not come from China or Hong Kong. In hindsight it makes sense that they wouldn’t have a total monopoly on the genre, but I was still surprised to see Thai movies in the…

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