Curry Kitchen..BCM320 Digital Artefact.

Emily Bowen


When asked to begin thinking about my independent research project Digital Asia, my mind leapt (gracefully of course) to my favourite thing in the world…food. And while overall my experience with authentic, non-Australianised Asian food has been reasonably limited (2 weeks in Vietnam and 10 days in Sabah, Malaysia can only open the eye so much), one massive aspect of Asian cuisine I have never authentically explored myself is the art of making a curry from scratch! Sure I’ve had the odd Patak’s butter chicken and korma or a $10 Manjits takeaway box but my knowledge of curries extends this far.

In a bid to broaden both mine and my families horizons (taste wise) and work on my cooking skills (I need proof and documentation that I am in fact ‘wifey’ material), I decided that a digital artefact named aptly ‘Curry Kitchen’ would be the perfect way to do…

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