Research Project: MyDol and K-pop Loyalty

Not Spelt With a K

For this project, I was planning to download the MyDol chat app – MyDol was developed in 2013 as a virtual chat bot that connected people with their favourite celebrities. It is marketed as a ‘sweet virtual chat service’ in which the user role-plays with their chosen celebrity. The disclaimer that comes with the app is as follows:

Messages appearing on MyDol lock screen are virtual & computerised messages. Those messages are not from real idol group/members, but from MyDol Team and users.

Source: (x)

My idea for the project was to download the app and experiment with the AI, seeing how far I could personalise it through our conversation. I also thought I would use MyDol to ‘chat’ with K-pop stars, as that is what I thought the app was specifically used for. I have limited knowledge on K-pop (and Korea) but have always wanted to…

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