BCM320 – Autoethnography Possibili-tea!

Eliza Appel

I have a feeling this may only be the beginning of tea related puns if I pursue this avenue for my autoethnography! In the quick fire idea session within class I came up with a few different ideas. But out of nowhere and the one that has stuck with me was tea. Exploring tea across Asia, it’s history, symbolism, uses etc. I of course already have experience in tea drinking, I’m a connoisseur of the classic English breakfast! However I do know that tea has a rich history, particularly in Asia. I thought perhaps I could do an exploration of tea culture, whilst also sampling teas from all over along the way.

Admittedly I was mildly inspired by that scene from all the way back in Sherlock season 1 episode 2 with the tea ceremony. It’s probably my earliest experience with tea being about more than just something to consume.


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