Watching “Gojira” in the age of Hollywood blockbuster

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I have to admit that as a kid living in the regime Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters which brilliantly calculated movie plots embedded with sophisticated visual and sound effect, the first generation of sci-fi genre with Gojira as a prominent example is too classic, too predictable in today’s context. And I mean it in a good way!

godzilla-1954 An actor in the Godzilla suit

The “predictability” is a result of similarities that I picked up in the movies and in some other sci-fi movies of the 21st century in term of the movie plot: the appearance of some unknown creature as a result of human’s scientific mistakes to serve a purpose of shaking humans out of their ignorance. if this doesn’t sound familiar enough, checking out the list of Godjira-like movies. This is not to say that other movies are borrowing creative elements from the movie of 1954, it is just…

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