Making sense of a 1954 film… Gojira

Jenna Fairweather blog

Godzilla! A movie I have never seen, let alone the 1954 version with interesting English voiceovers. My peers were shown this movie in class and required to live tweet about it with the hashtag #BCM320. I was alas unable to attend this class and therefore as a result, I went home and played the movie for myself, live tweeting all the while watching it alone. Having live tweeted other experiences before, this came naturally to me.

The main thing I found myself tweeting about in the duration of this movie was the English voiceovers. These voiceovers caused a lack of interest in the movie as I could rarely understand what they were saying in a robotic monotone. It was interesting though to see such an old film. Seeing the camera angles they used intrigued me as movies today are made so differently, with a substantial difference in camera shots and…

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