BCM320_Week 3_Akira (Disgustingly Beautiful)


BCM320 week 3 Akira thumbnailWho could have expected violence and gore to be so beautiful? I definitely didn’t think so either. The themes in this movie seem to escalate exponentially, starting off with a classic dystopian society; crime stricken, government corruption and abuse of power, that slowly grows into a single force causing chaos and destruction, finally ending in a large scale annihilation of Neo-Tokyo.

We as the audience, can’t relate with any of the context of the film unless:
1. We have grown up and lived in the same time and area of the director (Katsuhiro Otomo) and what he saw in 1970s Tokyo, or
2. (Which is really stretching the feeling of ‘relatability’) We have done something in our lives that has required a full restart as a form of ‘cleansing’ (whether it be getting rid of possessions and acquiring new ones, starting a project from scratch, etc.)

[ https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/story-behind-film-akira/ ]

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