Autoethnography practices via screening of the Godjira – Akira and live tweeting and blogging

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Even though I did not realise it, my previous blog/ reflection on my experience watching Godjira was a practice of autoethnography. Drawing out from my first reflection on Godjira and the knowledge that I have just learned about autoethnography this week, I could see how the practical and theoretical exposure to autoethnography enable myself to delve into deeper layers of meaning of the text, hence, allowing me to have a better understanding of Japan’s historical context back in 1954.

“Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience” –  Ellis et al, 2010

Writing a reflection of Godjira, to me, means watching the movie a second time in a calmer and more attentive manner. Before typing my thoughts into the computer, I run through the movie in my mind picking out memorable scenes in the movie…

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