AKIRAの白人の印象について読む [Subbed]

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Title: Read About a White Man’s Impressions of AKIRA [Read About AKIRA’s Caucasian Impression]

(and no, you will not get to see an asian man attempting to impersonate an Australian at any point in this blog post, sorry to disappoint)

I wouldn’t describe myself as a stranger to the world of anime. I got my first real taste of it way back in 2014 when somebody recommended I watch the Hellsing Ultimate OVA and from there I ended up continuing to watch anime pretty off and on until I finished high-school and functioned as one of my main tools for procrastination when it came to HSC exams. Akira is a 1988 Japanese animated film, that is considered one of the more widely known and appreciated anime’s to ever make it on DVD. It has a large following both in Japan and with Western audiences as one of the cornerstone anime…

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