State of Play (2013) enabling real autoethnographic research

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When approaching the term research, people may often turn away with thoughts of excessive writing, numbers and data analysis. Admittedly this was how I first thought of research, along with thoughts such as dull, boring, repetitive and long reports. I was enlightened to discover this does not have to be the case with all research, and even more fascinated to find out that the investigative learning and discovering I have been taking part in through BCM 320 Digital Asia is in itself a form of research.

Researching with the aim of understanding cultural experiences is an exciting way to do research, this introduces the process of Autoethnography, which is described by Ellis as the understanding of cultural experiences through an individual’s personal perspective or lived experience (2011). By using the principles of autobiography and ethnography, you are able to research autoethnographically enabling your research to be politically correct, socially- just…

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