Now I will proceed to attempt dissecting the shit out of my ‘Akira’ viewing experience


If I was to describe my relationship with anime as if it were a person, anime and I would be acquaintances, the type of acquaintance you have due to a mutual friend and every once in a while you may cross paths, say hello and make small talk about the weather. Anime has not been on the radar for me in terms of the pop culture I generally choose to interact with, I have had brief encounters with the genre such as dressing up as one of the Sailor Moon characters to a party in high school, and having watched the film Spirited Away (2001) thanks to my younger sisters persuasion. Both interactions with anime I enjoyed, especially watching the anime film, I found the animation beautiful and the storyline pleasantly unsuspecting. I appreciated that the story was suited for enjoyment by both children and adults, my sister is much younger than myself and she…

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