Auto-ethnography and Akira- a new experience

em koletti


During this week’s live tweeting we watched the Japanese animation film Akira (1988). This film explores themes in association to war, government corruption, experimentation and loss of humanity, much like our previous screening of Gojira. The last few weeks my understanding of Asian culture through films has increased and has made me understand their culture a lot more than I did initially. The concept of auto-ethnography; an approach to research and writing which combines autobiography with ethnography, (using personal experience to understand a cultural experience) is further looked at this week. During the screening of Akira, I wrote notes, live tweeted and engaged with this new experience.

The film was made in 1988 but I would have assumed it was more recent as the plot, the characters, their personalities and the themes are still relevant today. “After twenty-five years, Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira still inspires awe.” Akira educates Westerners as it provides us…

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