Akira and Me

ruth brook


My experience of this weeks film was somewhat distorted not only by my cultural upbringing and biases, but also by the live-tweeting that took place during the screening in class. As a result, I felt it was difficult to follow the, at times, fast pace of the film. I am by no means an anime fan, let alone an expert, so forcing myself to engage with this weeks anime film, Akira, was further complicated with this process of the live tweeting during the buzzing BCM classroom screening.

Given its setting in 2019, and our 2018 viewing of it, at times, it was somewhat scary and surprising how this 1988 Japanese anime accurately depicts its predictions of the dystopian post-apocalyptic. Again, this experience is reflective of what I consider an accurate depiction, based on engaging with the live tweets of other students and experiences of my own. In her…

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