1954 Godzilla

In week 1 of live tweeting we explored an old Japanese science fiction film, Godzilla. godzilla5-091215

Although this film was made in 1954, it is one of first films in this franchise. I have never watched any of these franchise films, so I really had no idea what to expect with this film. All I know is that Godzilla is on the lose in Japan, damaging various buildings and homes of those who live in Japan.

Personally, I am not a fan of this film and the live tweeting we had to do for this film. Being in Future cultures last semester, the films we viewed in class were intriguing and captivating. I almost felt comfortable doing the live tweets for BCM325. I had a lot of say and it was easy to interact with other classmates about the films.

For myself, and many other students in class it was hard to keep up with week ones film due to the language barrier. I believe one of the most liked comments from this week was observing how hard it was to live tweet a film in a different language. But it something I will have to learn to adjust to.

Usually when I live tweet, I go by sound. I will listen to the film whilst researching interesting facts or finding relevant gifs that hopefully applies to my comment. But with this language barrier it allows me to explore a new way of live tweeting. At first, this was a little hard to see and understand. But by the end of this weeks live tweeting it somewhat made sense. I have to use other ways to connect to the films, other then listening. This will give me the ability to reach new heights with my live tweeting allowing me to branch out to other students in different ways.

When it comes to making sense of the film, I really lacked an understanding of this film. Growing up as a child I was very use to speaking two languages. So I guess I had a somewhat understanding of linking two different languages together. I don’t think I would have ever been allowed to watch films like this as a child; the closest I got was probably the rugrats movie.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve lost the ability to speak two languages and stuck to boring yet slightly mindless comedy films. I am not one to watch thrillers or any horror films. This was yet another challenge I had to overcome when doing this weeks live tweeting. I really struggled coming up with interesting live tweets as I’m so use to making something comedic. This is usually how I reach out to people, whether its family or friends.

This week’s film has really pushed the boundaries for me, but it’s also something I have enjoyed exploring. I’m interesting to see the next few live screenings, and seeing how I can tackle it.


  1. I completely agree, live tweeting this film was definitely a challenge, but an interesting one at that. I am also on the same page as you in regards to never having seen this movie before. I myself was barely even sure if it was a dinosaur-like creature though I did have my suspicions! In a way, it is helpful that the language barrier was there in order for us all to gain that experience with live tweeting through it. Definitely was not a comedy film and I agree I’m not really a fan either and that may be largely due to the language barrier and old fashioned film techniques.


  2. Hi Zoe, I also did BCM325 last session and I totally agree with you to some level in regards to the difficulty of live tweeting during Godzilla. I think the obvious reason for it being difficult this time round is because, with the English speaking films and episodes we watched, we were able to look at our computer screens and type as we heard the words, but when you have to watch what’s happening, read the subtitles and then process a witty tweet is difficult. I think the good thing about BCM320 is that you’re allowed to comment on your inability to understand because that’s what it’s all about.


  3. Hi Zoe! I had the same difficulty trying to balance everything as well as having the language barrier. Everytime I looked down to tweet something I missed something as I wasn’t reading the subtitles. I have seen a couple of movies in another language before, although they’re not my first choice, one I really enjoyed was called ‘The Lives of Others’. I had to watch it for school but I actually really enjoyed it even though I don’t know any German, it got a lot of awards too. Through this class though I think it will be good to get out of our comfort zones and learn about other cultures. I thought you had a good reflection on your live-tweeting, you had good optimism of taking a new approach to live tweeting as the way you did it before may need to be altered for this class as you found. Looking for ways to overcome this will make it better. That’s really cool that you could speak 2 languages, but really interesting take on this weeks text! -Tamara


  4. Trying to live tweet and pay attention to a movie especially one in a foreign language has been a challenge i agree. i found Godzilla to be pretty interesting despite the fact its over 50 years old, i’ve watched many old black and white episode of doctor who. the main difference between modern movies and older black and white ones i’ve found is the pacing. older films often take time for quiet moments and discussions between character while modern films seem to worry that their audiences will lose attention.


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