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Only hearing about the film Akira and never watching it until now was very exciting for me. I finally was able to see why this movie was so loved by so many different communities, before I go further I just wanted to mention as a kid growing up the only animes I would watch was Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh and maybe the really poorly dubbed 4kidz version of One Piece (I still remember that they replaced Sanji’s cigarette with a lollipop) . It wasn’t until I got into my teens that I realised there were so many more shows full of different categories to please every type of audience.


In 1988 Akira’s author, Katsuhiro Otomo, turned his best-selling manga into a animated movie. From there it became one of the most iconic and inspirational movies that let the western-world let it self introduce all the classic beloved animes/mangas…

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  1. Hey Rachelle,

    Like you, I grew up watching anime on TV like Dragonball Z and Pokemon, and didn’t realise the vast range of anime until my teen years.

    Similarly, a few weeks ago was the first time I watched Akira, and the similarities between Akira’s plot points and iconic films throughout the years was unbelievable. I also noticed similarities to Chronicle, so much so that I live tweeted a picture of Andrew Detmer from Chronicle due to his striking resemblance to Tetsuo in the latter of the movie.

    You mentioned “Kaneda and raTetsuo like characters have constantly been re-used, such as Chronicle or Stranger Things, you can really see a lot of similarities between them and it really shows how easy it makes you very tired of this character-type.”

    I’m still unsure, but I think I disagree in that it makes you tired of this character-type. Whilst the outcome of this character is telegraphed, it’s still interesting to see the smaller details of their character arc and the interactions they have with other characters.

    In modern cinema the character arc of Tetsuo is overdone, and thus you mentioned, “it’s just interesting to see the beginning of what became of an iconic character arc.” Akira was groundbreaking in developing this character arc, which proved to become prominent in modern film and there in lays the value of Akira.


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