Week 3 – Akira

Tamara Kelly

This week in Digital Asia we got familiar with the research practice of autoethnography, which is an approach to research which looks for a way to use and examine personal experience in order to understand cultural experience. In the seminar we screened and live-tweeted the anime Akira (1988), and used this as an example to put this research practice into place.

A little background on Akira…it is a Japanese science fiction film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and is set in a dystopian future (2019 which right now for us is only next year). [Wikipedia]. The instruction was to ‘put yourself in an experience of a culture that you are not familiar with’, this was by watching an anime movie called Akira, a culture that is different from my own. Also by live-tweeting, this also brings a unique experience of watching something and as a collective you can see…

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