Digital Asia: Akira Live-Tweeting

Jack Polglase

Okay, straight up, I did not really like Akira (1988). I truly appreciated the effort put in, and understood how it represented anime film making of the time (and the legacy it still leaves today), but I could not get into it. Other than not understanding the plot and pace of the film (couldn’t agree more, Brendon), the rough aesthetics and design of the characters weren’t really my thing, the film being screened in English did not help at all. Unfortunately, going into the film being a massive fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it felt all too familiar despite being made seven years after Akira.

What I appreciate from this viewing is that I am having an ‘epiphany’ moment as described by Angus, key to the autoethnographic process, and I am biased towards other forms of entertainment. Ellis describes the epiphany as stemming from “…being part of a culture…

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