Japanese Film: Godzilla

Kara Henderson

Up until this first seminar, I had never watched a Godzilla film. I had no idea there were several different version and no clue that the original was Japanese made in 1954. The only Godzilla image that came to my mind was the big green monster one that appears in ‘The Simpsons’.

5HEd.gif Gipher, 2018

Having to read the subtitles, understand the movies story line, read classmates tweets and think of witty tweets for myself, my mind was exhausted by the end of the class. During this time I was also reading articles online about how they created Godzilla. Today, it is generally made with CGI effects but back then there weren’t as good of resources available so the creative director had actually made a man suit that consisted of chicken wire, cushions and latex. (Wikipedia, 2018) The use of such simple materials was very impressive.

Godzilla_Raids_Again_(1955)_Behind_the_scenes Wikipedia, 2018

I enjoyed the…

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