Akira the OG of Anime

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In this weeks BCM320 seminar, we viewed the animated film ‘Akira’, whilst continuing the live tweeting experience that this subject has introduced me to. Prior to this films viewing I was already a big fan of the animated TV show ‘Dragon Ball Z’, growing up watching it before and later watching the newer series and films that have followed.

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Hours after watching ‘Akira’ I found myself trying to explain what the film was about, to an exchange student from Hong Kong. When thinking about how to best explain the film  I got caught up in what happened in the film and it was hard for her to follow the storyline of what I was saying. I ended up saying something like “Shotaro’s friend got in an accident, gained telekinetic powers, turned on his friends and destroyed the whole city with ‘Akira’, a transendental being, in some kind of big bang?”. I realised…

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