A Different Experience (Akira)


I remember when I was 10, my cousin introduced me to the anime Akira. I watched it for about 15 minutes and thats about it. My young mind couldn’t handle the graphic violence and the dark dystopian vibe, especially the scene where a guy shot a dog and blood splatted everywhere (yup, I saw that scene when I was 10).

I’m not an anime expert,  I’ve watched a few decent ones like Gundam Series, Naruto, and Howl’s Moving Castle. But Akira was a whole different experience . First, the visual looks stunning for an 80’s anime. Visually compared to Gundam: Char’s Counterattack (another anime from 1988), Akira looks like one of those anime from the early 2000’s.

Chars Counterattack.jpg Gundam: Char’s Counterattack (1988) Source: Sunrise

Akira.jpg Akira (1988) Source: Toho

Most anime I know has one thing in common which is the one dimensional “I wanna be the best” lead…

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