Akira’s Significance


My favourite anime growing up was Dragonball Z (Yes, I am a normie) and it revolved around violence to push forward the plot, however the way in which violence and gore was displayed was through martial arts and energy acts to “stop the bad guy.” Comparatively, Akira displayed an array of physical violence through murdering anti-government rebels, and sexual violence towards Kaori.

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Like I said in my last post, I’ve watched violent anime since I was very young, however Akira was very confronting through resemblance to real world issues. I say this because authoethnography“expands and opens up a wider lens on the world, eschewing rigid definitions” and even from my reference point of anime experience, Akira was unique, confronting, and thought provoking

The general consensus denotes that Akira was a monumental film in the realm of anime and acted as a catalyst in changing both attitudes and funding…

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