Harrison Thomas

This weeks film in BCM320 was Akira.


Akira is confronting, disturbing, and rather deep. I found various scenes unpleasant to watch, other scenes unbelievably intense and captivating. This was my first ever viewing of Akira, and I would like to watch it again in the future. In its own weird and twisted way it conveys the message, similar to (1954) Gorjia, the potential dangers involving man and it’s creations. Also similar to an anime Frankenstein, however on a larger scale. The film discusses the dangers of scientific advancement, with Tetsuo and Akira’s powers displaying similarities to an atomic bomb. With Tetsuo being unable to control his powers in the end and all the foreshadowing from the weird 60 year old kids, this from what I could gather, attempts to mirror the damage from WW2 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I personally think it conveys that very well. It also lightly touches…

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