My Neighbour Akira

I’ve always been quite familiar with the title of ‘Akira‘. Thanks to the few movie posters I had seen online, I was able to gauge that the film was an anime and that it featured motorcycles – but there ends my knowledge. Based on this information, I immediately assumed that the film was just another typical racing story, much like Speed Raceror Pixar’sCars. When I finally came around to watching the film in my BCM320, Digital Asia class however, I’d soon come to realise…

I was completely wrong. 

images-1 The minimalistic poster I’d come across time and time again. (x)

Not only had Akira absolutely shattered my pre-conceived idea of what the film was all about, but it also introduced me to a whole new genre of anime I’d never seen or experienced before.

hayao-miyazaki.jpg Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli productions…

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