“Neo-Tokyo is about to E X P L O D E”

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(And man, did it ever!!)

Akira 1988

Where to start! What a film. Firstly, reflecting back on our live-tweeting, I can see that I was firstly impacted by the sheer beauty and detail of the anime!

I’m a huge anime fan, but my scope is still pretty limited in terms of having watched anime and Japanese films, so my favourites thus far include; One-Punch Man (2012), The Full Metal Alchemist (2003/4), Ponyo (2008), Spirited Away (2001), My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Howl’s Moving Castle (2004).

Of course, the common consensus amongst the #BCM320 thread was initial and intense confusion, and looking for familiar themes/features/aesthetics –

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  1. “The general sense of disorientation” perfectly sums up how I felt viewing Akira. Following the plot seemed like a mission and I felt unprepared for the intensity of the plot. I feel like the confusion is mostly a Western thing because we we/re not exposed to the genre as much and there are significant cultural differences depicted. I find your perspective on the film’s gore interesting because I enjoy horror and thriller films, yet I found myself wincing in the last portion of the film where Tetsuo was becoming the giant mass which seems absurd because it is an animated film so there is no realism involved. Overall, your post provided a great perspective on the way Westerners view anime.

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