Anime? Nah, who’s that?

Lily Carr

And we’re back with another instalment of ‘Lily exposed to a style of film she has never watched before’.

This week in class we watched the 1988 classic Anime film: Akira. As you have already assumed, I had never watched anime until this morning. The only anime I ever knew of was Pokemon, if that is even considered anime (Excuse my uncultured upbringing). I knew that anime was a Japanese type of cartoon, however it was never something I even considered watching – and as you can imagine, my lack of culture exposure in the past did not help me in attempting to make sense of this film.

With no pre conceived ideas on anime, I kind of created my own context for the film, hoping I would be able to follow the storyline easier. I may not have seen anime before, however I did watch my far share of…

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