Akira and Autoethnography

virginia hodgkinson

The screening this week, Akira (1988), is an absolutely amazing cyberpunk anime which explored themes of government corruption, human/technological relationships and, loss of humanity. Furthermore, the anime also showcased themes of the impact of war, specifically World War II. This is similar to our screening of Gojira (1954) in week one. Although I would love to talk about the movie, this weeks task is to discuss autoethnography in our blog posts. Through this weeks tweets from other students, I was able to better understand the concept of autoethnography.

Although the topic of autoethnography can still be quite confusing at times, I think I understand it. Autoethnography is the process of people analysing their own personal experience and applying it to make sense of new cultural experiences. Due to this, each individual will have a different experience when experiencing new cultures. A line from the reading, “Different kinds of people possess different assumptions…

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