‘Akira’ (1988) and autoethnography

Dejana Ristic

When I first heard of the concept ‘autoethnography’ I thought it was quite complex and possibly even difficult to understand. I was introduced to the concept in my second year subject BCM241, where I learnt that the concept is not at all what I had in mind.


Akira (1988)

Autoethnography is an approach that ‘analyses (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno).’  As Ellis, Adams & Bochner clarified most often autobiographer’s write about epiphanies, which refers to ‘moments that are perceived to have significantly impacted the trajectory of a person’s life’.

I don’t watch anime or manga myself, however when I realised that this weeks screening would be ‘Akira’ I was quite fascinated and was looking forward to watching it.

Akira (1988) Trailer

After having watched the screening in class, Akira was not at all what I was expecting. I was very…

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading your blog post on autoethnography and the film Akira. I similarly did not know what to expect when watching Akira however it was quite enjoyable. It was great that you included interesting facts about the film as it was fascinating to learn that Kanye West replicated a few scenes from Akira into his music video ‘Stronger’; this really shows the impact anime films do have in the western society.

    Were there any scenes from the film that you related to something else to make an understanding of it? It also interesting to note through Ellis’ paper that autoethnography fills the void between art and science, maybe you could refer to this in your future work on autoethnography!

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