Akira (1988) and Auto-Ethnography

This week in class we live tweeted whilst watching the Japanese anime film, Akira (1988).

Many praise the film, therefore l had high expectations before watching Akira. I must admit it did meet my expectations. We watched the English dubbed version, which definitely helped during the live tweeting process. I have participated in many live tweeting exercises, however, my reflection on this week’s tweets will involve a look at how my cultural framework shapes the tweets l create, and how this relates to the auto-ethnographic method.

The influence of my cultural framework has a great effect on what l produce. Considering my tweets this week, it is evident that everything l make, write or create is altered by my culture. Live tweeting is an auto-ethnographic form, where l observe a culture and discuss certain opinions, stories and perspectives displayed in the text. Ethnography as stated by

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