On ‘Akira’ (1988)—The Beginning of the End

The Specs

The 1988 anime Akira has officially topped my list of hardest-to-watch films, packing millions of details in both the graphics and the content of each sequence, in the span of more than two hours. Admittedly, I yawned rather widely during the middle part, since it started to drag on and became too slippery (plus excessively violent) for my attention to grab on.

bcm320 Akira (1988)Akira (1988) (illustration by me)

Yet when the credits rolled, the familiar empty feeling after finishing a series or flipping the last page of a fiction book crept on me. The world in Akira—that of Neo-Tokyo in 2019—came alive immediately thanks to the elaborate illustrations of the background in every scene, glowing in its cyberpunk vibes and so reminiscent of San Fransokyo…

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