My first anime experince – Akira (1998)

ray of sunshine

Akira-Poster-akira-13827694-1013-1500.jpgThis blog post will use autoethnography to produce a meaningful personal experience of the 1998 film Akira. This film deepens my capacity to empathize with a genre that is quite different to my world. Akira was my first interaction with anime.

When Chris first told me that it would be dubbed, I was relieved because I thought I would understand the movie. I was a participant observer in the world of anime. When viewing the film it was clear I stemmed from a different race. None the less I still had epiphanies while viewing the film. These moments helped me navigate myself through intense situations within the film and allowed me the reflect on these moments long after the scene ended. (Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011)

It was clear from the beginning that I was a cultural stranger to the film. There was a clear theme of police brutality in…

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