Tamara Kelly

Week One in Digital Asia (BCM320) we screened the 1954 science fiction feature of Godzilla (or Gojira). It was made and set in Japan, and is a steady paced action and suspense film about a dinosaur-like monster that had been awoken from its sleep by atomic bomb radiation. The only knowledge I had about Godzilla before watching this was what I had seen in popular culture references including The Simpsons.


I had watched foreign films before with subtitles for example the German film The Lives of Others (2006), and I had also seen a black and white film, can’t think of exactly which ones but Wizard of Oz has got to be one …if that half counts. However a movie in the 1950s that is Japanese and black and white was interesting to interpret and read into. It was very different to what I was used to seeing, and…

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