Akira, epiphanies and subliminal messages….

Emily Bowen


(Akira 1988)

In this week’s seminar we looked further into the concept and practice of auto-ethnography (a way of research and writing which combines auto biography with ethnography). Essentially auto-ethnography is writing selectively about past epiphanies on events, customs, values and beliefs of other cultures to aid others understanding on said culture. One does so by becoming a participant observer within the culture by taking notes about the culture and notes on the writers own engagement with it.

As someone who has very little experience with the world of anime ( I have only seen cult classics Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle in year 8 Japanese) I was very excited to once again broaden my horizons in BCM320 with what is arguably one of the OG anime films of the late 80’s.

When viewing Japanese film Akira (1988) as a participant (live tweeting) and an outside observer (being an…

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