Me, Myself and Japanese Culture

The Town of the Talk

In the Beginning


I wish it was that exciting but sadly it really really isn’t. Both my parents come from the deep south of Victoria and I am the youngest of five children… so I have seen and experienced things that no one should ever witness. I guess you could say I’m as Australian as the Kerrigan family, I just love the serenity. It wasn’t until Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon infiltrated our all-Aussie home that I was introduced to Japanese culture, but that was soon to be just the beginning to this lil boy’s cultural journey.

I remember the first time I saw a subtitled movie and it was Passion of the Christ which my dear mother showed me quite prematurely but she said; “if you want to celebrate Easter you darn well better know why”. So there I was, about twelve-years-old, watching the most brutal movie I had…

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